chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

I am not alone...


Not that I chose to have animals instead of kids, but it's just worked out that way, and I'm perfectly happy with just animals. Perhaps it is the magic of Boston Terriers specifically that fills a void I'm supposed to be experiencing?


We are having hurricane winds here last night and today. Hot, dry summer wind---no rain. 

On the way home from work at dusk I saw several blocks lose electricity as I drove by, and in my head I heard everything power down.  Whirrrrrrrrrr......  As I drove along I saw folks come out of the laundry mat and restaurants, all looking at the sky for an answer.  I wish I could watch them all be greeted by a space ship, but it was just wind...

Man, I was relieved to find our power on at home. We did, however, lose it briefly in the middle of the night.  Seems like we always lose electricity when it's sweltering out. Today there is power but no cable. A week ago it was internet. I think we are going to alternate failing ultilities each week to make sure we fully appreciate them. I'll really be sorry to see the water go---it's my favorite.


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