chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

It's June


Wow, seems like we blew through spring in just a few weeks, and now it's blistering hot out already.
Acorn doesn't mind at all. She's been out baking herself regularly.

She's very fat right now from all the steroids she took before and after her cataract surgery.  That went okay, and she can see, which is great. Unfortunately she still knicks some doorways and misses steps, but eye surgery doesn't correct being crazy butt-nuts.


Been making some things out of clay, but this is one of the only things that is painted so far. Well, I finished another, but it's a gift, so I can't post it till that person has received it. This blue octopus went home with a co-worker who moved to California.  Boo/hiss to him for abandoning us, but also congratulations on the new gig.

I use an air-dry clay that allows about 2 minutes of sculpting before it starts cracking and resisting, so everything I make has to be simple/quick. It's a race!

Yeah, I could use a nicer clay that doesn't dry, and I have, but what's the fun there. I kind of like the messy creatures that end up springing from the time limit.


I reported a few weeks ago that I found the first lightning bug of the year in my hallway, which I released outside. I have to say that I've still only seen two or three more since then. Where ARE they? Does my friend Lacombe have all of them in his bushes in another state (greedy!), or are they disappearing like the honey bees???

Anyways, I love spotting different bugs and critters around the house (EXCEPT SPIDERS), and this cool moth was on the trim around my front door the other day. He was a big beefy fellow, just lovely. Check out that perky butt.

After I put the camera away he flew to a bush, which is where I got a better look at his face. Wish I'd kept my camera out, 'cause his face looked like this:

No, really. It looked like that.
Cool, but gruesome.

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