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Assorted schtuffs and things....


Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic today, just frozen there endlessly, and I start looking at my low gas gauge and thinking about how much it costs to fill up the car now. I turn on the radio, and I catch the news mid-sentence about oil going up today. I change stations and hear that Bush asking the Saudis for more oil (NO), and then about some business folding because it's impractical to make deliveries with gas prices. Simultaneous to the broadcasts  I look to the right and see a fellow pulling down the giant numbers on the price sign in front of a gas station, replacing 68 with 74. I look around and realize everyone around me (also stuck in traffic) is somberly watching the gas price rise before their very eyes.

Ok, I get it... I've mentioned before how when a topic presents itself to me, it tends to be a little bit overkill.
Gas is going up. Sucks. Got it.


Was in a waiting room today and picked up the comics section of the Sunday paper. I know what to expect...Yep, still mostly unfunny. Many old ones running on auto-pilot, not funny but not awful. Many old ones were never funny and still aren't.  And, geez, there are brand new ones sucking right out of the gate. 

I just want to know for how many decades it should be considered funny to see "Cathy" freak about what to wear or how fat her butt is.

"Love Is..."  --  This comic should have only existed in the 70's, and even then it should have been reserved for the comic section in Hell's newspaper.  I almost vomited when I saw it in the paper recently---are new ones being drawn as I speak??  I hope in the name of all that is holy that it is just being reprinted for laughs at how freaking horrible it ever was.

"Peanuts" -- I love Peanuts, but Schultz has been dead for quite a while. It would be sad for the comic to not be there one day, but it's also weird for it to continue printing so long without him... All I can think when I see this comic now is, "Schultz is dead. This is an old comic, and the next one will be a repeat too, 'cause the CREATOR OF SNOOPY IS DEAD," which doesn't put me in a very comic-ish frame of mind... sigh...

"Family Circle"  --- I believe in a movie called "Go" this guy says that down in the bottom right-hand corner of the comics page is "Family Circle," waiting to suck. I can't think of a better description. There is always a sweet idea behind this comic, but it's THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Today when I read it, one of the kids was pointing to a dent in the car and saying, "Daddy, the car has a boo-boo!"   Awwww, adorable! Hilarious!  ....   Man, Keane could have printed this particular CarBooBoo comic 1000 times by now, and nobody would notice.

I'm a grump...I guess I haven't enjoyed the comics much since "Calvin and Hobbes"  went away.

I miss Calvin...  I think Watterson, the creator, was forced out of the business by all the other artists who were angry that he raised the bar (Yes, I know that's not really true).  Ziggy probably beat on his door, screaming, "Hey, you're exposing my unfunny and overpaid butt, man!"  

Calm down, Ziggy. You got to sell a bzillion coffee cups and calendars and ugly toys in your day.


I was coming thru the hall the other night when I saw a green flash out of the corner of my eye, which startled me 'cause there is absolutely no source for a green flash in the hall. I stopped and looked back, noticed Angus-the-dog had stopped and looked back too. He had his nose up to the wall, and I kneeled down to find my first lightning bug (or "firefly" for you proper folks) of the year. This was neato, but not right, ya know, as I always spot the first one at twilight in the yard. It's a very exciting time. 

So I released this sucker out into the yard and told him to make a proper appearance some other night. I'm afraid he'll get fired when his supervisors hear about this.


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