chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to you mothers out there. Every year at least one or two people wish me the same, but come on, the dogs and bunny don't count. Although I do a lot of motherly duties, some of which are disgusting, I'm not rearing a helpless little being to someday release into the tough world.

My own mother has steered four of us along.  [Well, she had three natural children, and then I was kindly taken in from the doorstep when my home planet rejected me, but that's another story...]  Imagine being responsible for four adults walking around making decisions and finding their own dwellings and making more babies and grandbabies. I could still turn out to be the planet's biggest supervillain, and she would totally have to claim me.  Wowee.

When I visited my mom last week she was in the middle of decorating another cake for someone. This was killing me 'cause I crave white cake, but when she got it all done it was revealed that the cake was mine---belated birthday!  And because it's MINE, I took a direct bite out of the corner, mmmm, as cake tastes better eaten without any formalities.

My mom's tongue is purple because she was tasting the purple icing after mixing it up, and she obviously got a glop of concentrated food coloring. Blech---I know that tastes bad. I remember sticking my finger in a bottle of green coloring when I was kid, thinking it might taste like green apple or lime. Nope, tasted like Windex or some other batch o' chemicals not intended for one's mouth.

Anyways, I thank my mom (and dad) for anything good in me, and I blame the home planet for the rest. A happy day to my maternal figure.

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