chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Cataracts, Prairie Dogs, and Indiana Jones


My buddy Acorn went to have her cataract surgery today. She's only 4, but she has one in each eye already (probably inherited), and one is bad enough to cause her to run into things. The bad one was corrected this morning (success!), and we'll wait and see on the small one later.

She's way too active to lose any sight. She flies around the house and yard at high power, knicking doorways and tables along the way. If she were any faster she'd knock her own head off.

It takes a lot of naps to maintain full Acorn Powers:

I can't wait for her to healed up and corrected.  I'm full of dread for the cone she'll be wearing the next two weeks. It's frustrating to not be able to explain to the dog that this is not a punishment.

Angus, meanwhile, couldn't care less that Acorn is gone for the day. He's napping in his classic pose, having burrowed into the covers:

In other news....last weekend I made a trip back home to Oooooooooklahoma.   I walked to Elmer Thomas Park with my nephew to feed the ducks (there's a lake over the hill), and was happy to find the park is blanketed with wildflowers:

The park is also a prairie dog town, and this time of year there a bzillion fresh little babies running everywhere. I saw six of them in a pile, wrestling and flipping around!  Couldn't get good pictures because I couldn't get close, and they are never still anyway.

My nephew Ben-Luke is extremely into the Indiana Jones movies, wildly anticipating the sequel this month. I overheard this conversation between him and a little girl he met on the big jungle gym at the park:

Ben-Luke:   Let's play Raiders of the Lost Ark together.
Girl:   I want to play Ponies!
Random NearbyToddler:  Ponies!
Ben-Luke: E ww.... No, let's play Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'll be Indiana Jones. Do you want to be Marion or...a pony.
Girl:   A pony!
Ben-Luke:  (Sigh)  Ughh....
Random Toddler:  I'm a pony too!

Playing "Raiders" involved him jumping from one part of the jungle gym to another while singing the Raiders theme. The little girl wasn't sure how to join in, but the random toddler followed him everywhere trying to sing the song.  

Eventually our little cousin Harper showed up at the park for a surprise visit, and she announced that playing Raiders was really boring...

Harper: "Let's go do something else."

[Yes, Yanniconny---I breezed thru town again without a visit. I'm a bad friend. Family is so large, just doesn't seem to be enough time to get around...]

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