chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Orange Chicks


How about a petty Hollywood rant?

Why is orange skin being encouraged these days?  I suppose people just get up in the morning and decide, "I don't feel orange enough."

In an era aware of sun damage, more than ever I see criticism for being pale.  I suppose because we can now buy a "healthy" spray tan, a person is wildly out of touch if they don't partake. And while going for orange, why not pick up some new lips along the way. Bigger is better...always.

By the way, Meg Ryan used to have one of the cutest smiles in the world, until she bought a new one.

Back to being orange... If you want to be orange, great, but leave everyone else alone about it.  I keep reading articles where someone with lovely healthy skin that they've bothered to protect for years is bashed in the readers' comments below the article:  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET A TAN!  Like it's a crime.  

I believe the last person I saw getting bashed in an article was Cyndi Lauper, 55, someone who has younger skin than most girls in their twenties. 


Right now the little girls making the news regularly aren't concerned about remaining young and healthy. As long as they keep being labeled "sexy" they're aiming to age as quickly as possible....

 Apparently loads of fake ratty hair, smudged mascara, orange skin, smoking, and that I've-been-up-drinking-for-four-days-in-a-row-look is  considered sexy.

I feel kinda sorry for someone caught up in this lifestyle (although I'm sure it's pretty fun till ya finally hit the wall). Mostly I hate to think how many little girls wanna be like her.

How times have changed...I used to want to be like one of these girls:


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