chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Muffins and Alien Dogs


First of all...a joke:

Two muffins are baking in an oven...

First Muffin:  Is it hot in here or is it just me?
Second Muffin:  OMG!  A TALKING MUFFIN.

I'm sorry. It really doesn't matter what the muffins say to each other. The fact that they are sitting there baking and conversing is adorable. The word "muffin" is adorable.  And muffins are delicious.


I was driving a little bit ago, and I saw three cute little dogs weaving in and out of the hedges along a car dealership. They were traveling together, and they had that very distinct I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OUT OF MY YARD look about them, smiling ear-to-ear and running into each other's asses with excitement.

I thought about checking their collars---no collars. Couldn't take them home while I hope to locate their people, as Acorn is evil toward other dogs. Dammit...  I came home and posted a notice on a local lost dog site, as well as a message for the shelter down the street, but I hope someone is picking them up right now.

This reminds me of quite a long time ago when I was driving to work one morning. A dog trotted out in the road, so I stepped on the brakes. Then I realized he was the first in a line of FOUR identical dogs, the fourth being enormously preggers. It was odd enough that they were in a line like that, but they looked like this:

And how often do you see a group of those? I'd never even seen ONE before that morning. 

Anyways...I got to work (a print shop) and within 15 minutes this lady comes in all teary-eyed and fumbling with a poster she's made.  Even with it upside down I can clearly see this is a reward poster for FOUR FREAKING CHINESE CRESTED DOGS, and there is a picture of these little aliens.  She shows it to me, and starts to ask about having copies made of it, but I have to interrupt her to say the dogs just walked by me two blocks from here. 

"Was one of them pregnant??"  she asks. 

Ya know, to distinguish HER group of lost alien dogs from perhaps ANOTHER group gone missing the same day.

"Oh yeah, definitely,"  I tell her.

"They are worth a fortune," she says, gathering her stuff. "Especially with one of them being pregnant. Thanks so much."  And she runs to her car.

While she was at least initially tearful, this was not the sentence I was expecting. Nor did she come back and let me know if the dogs were found.

Well, the picture of these dogs walking along, the last one with the swinging belly, will never leave my head.

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