chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Things I saw yesterday...


I went to the pet supply store yesterday to pick up some things for Lil Girl bunny.  This store boards dogs for the day, and there is a glass wall allowing people in the store to look into the play room. Here I saw the large breed dogs heading in for play time, which is not much different than watching the kids head outside at a day-care. Some of them were ready to play, some of them were pouting for their moms, some of them were too sleepy to care, some of them were too scared to interact.

There was a big fat bulldog that walked along the glass. I like a bulldog's giant feet and the waddle. When I passed by the glass again on my way out, the bulldog had flopped down for a nap, his fat butt mashed up against the window.  Wish I had taken a picture.


Little Girl went to the vet for a quick surgery where they file down points on her teeth for the second time. This is because she recently stopped eating much of her hay, which helps keep her teeth in shape... What's funny is that they send her home with pain-killers and soft food to syringe into her mouth, etc., expecting her to be all sore. No way!  That rabbit gets right back to eating anything she can get her paws on. She's part pig.

Well, here's a bunny-pig-monkey...

She stands up on her back feet and begs for fruit. She saw the dogs waiting for a treat one day and just joined in---it looks totally bizarre.  Yesterday on the pain-killers she stood up repeatedly, and then she suddenly jump forward and against her pen wall, sliding back down it while still looking at me. This was the most desperate move I've ever seen her do---kinda sad and funny at the same time. You would think no one feeds her.


As a well-spent day brings happy sleep...  

--- Leonardo Da Vinci

I had the best sleep last night that I've had in weeks and weeks. I think it's because the windows were open, and I could see the trees and hear a big storm blowing through. I would like for the good sleep to start being for Da Vinci's reason.

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