chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Suspect Nabbed In Camera Disappearance


My camera resurfaced yesterday.  It was actually out in the open, but not where I would ever look for it. I apologize for accusing Angus of taking the camera, but...

I'm still posting a picture of him in Acorn's pretty pink dress:

This is not to humilate him (if his friends were active on the internet, I wouldn't post this for them to see). I'm actually just curious about how he knows it's a dress. He definitely hates the process of a shirt being pulled over his head, but he doesn't mind wearing a shirt and will act normal in it. Somehow he knew  this dress was something he was not supposed to be wearing, and he was immediately shamed. It's a very soft stretchy dress, no different than a t-shirt, so it's not a matter of comfort. He wouldn't look at the camera or really even move around until I took the dress off of him.

Well, he looks precious, but no more dresses for Angus ever.  Besides, this is Acorn's dress and she knows she looks sweet in it. Maybe she'll wear it to prom.


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