chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Deletion and Translation


Boy, I've had nothing to say. I thought about deleting the journal this week. Something's happened where I feel censored all the time, like probably anything that rolls out of my mouth naturally would be offensive to someone. No one said this---it's just me.  

But this is just a stupid journal. What difference does anything make?


Please stop talking, Deanna.


I've been a whinebag about spring getting here faster. Wowee--- it's here!  Butterflies and tiny tiny flowers and my first ladybug yesterday. 

This is not the actual ladybug I mentioned. He asked to remain anonymous.

I'm not a sunbather. Oh no, I'm actually white as snow. But I'm a (fully dressed) lizard in that I need to go outside at least once a day to bask in the sun. I also need the colors and smells of spring to be alive. 

Sunlight is magical, I say.

I don't think I can wait through another fall/winter to feel happy again.  Next winter I might just turn into a stone statue.


A nice German fellow named Philipp bought a "Lonely Seamonster" book last year and translated it into German so that the kids in his family could read it. A few days ago he sent me a little bound copy of his translation, which is neato:

Doesn't "seamonster" seem much cuter when spelled "seemonster?"  I think so, but I don't know why.

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