chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

U.S. Post Office Officially Sucks


I know I've griped about our rude mail-woman who can't smile, she's rude, she thinks every dog wants to kill her, she gossips at the top of her lungs into one of those earpiece phones while she's on the doorstep, she tears up our mail by angrily stuffing it in the box, she leaves the mailbox lid open in the rain despite us asking her not to, etc.  

Dear Mail-lady: Please take out your frustrations HERE, by all means.

I've griped about the terrible attitude AT the post office, how the folks behind the counter seem to be angry and bothered that they have to deal with people, answer questions, sell stamps and all of their other regular duties. Just outright rudeness.

Good God, WHAT do you want??!!! This isn't some HOUSE OF STAMPS!

I've griped about their inability to slow down and pay attention to what I've said or to actually look at the package. They've marked my letters and packages for the wrong country/state, charged me wrong and answered my questions incorrectly. I'm constantly saying, "Are you sure about that?" and "Did you see the address on that?"

I've griped about receiving packages that were smashed beyond recognition. Just no excuse for the shape in which these boxes arrived. The last package I mailed to someone was in an oversized post office box, over-cautiously padded inside and marked "fragile" all over, yet everything inside the package arrived broken to someone on their birthday.

Hey, at least you GOT the package. That's all that matters in the end.

It's just getting worse. 

The last few times I went to the post office there was only one person at the desk despite 20 people in line waiting. Apparently there are cutbacks---I'm sure they are hurting partly because there are plenty of other outlets now to send mail from. But if they are going to axe their customer service rather than improve it to compete, they might as well shut down now.   Let's see---how do we keep up with FedEx/Kinkos? I know,
let's create lines as long as the Dept of Motor Vehicles and be as rude as we can!  


Today I received one of those special Post Office envelopes from the "plant" apologizing for the contents having been damaged by them in transit.  What's funny is that they took the time to re-wrap and apologize for A SINGLE PAGE OF A CATALOG.  That's right, apparently they slaughtered the whole catalog, saved the cover page from the post office grinder/sorter and mailed it to me.  Why bother?  There are many other things for which I'd rather receive an apology.

Here's your catalog. Ooopsie!

No offense to the few nice Post Office employees I come across. Perhaps they should just get out now---I'm afraid only the jerks will survive there in the end.

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