chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Number Amnesia and Elusive Acquiring


You should really be careful what you wish for. Really. 'Cause in my case one magical day I'd get something so stupid and insignificant, as I waste wishes all day. 

Just a minute ago I wished for once in my damned life I didn't have to look up the word "acquire" before writing it down. I mean, come on, I've looked it up 500 times by now, and my guess is always right, but I don't trust it. Why can't some words stay in my head?  And the other one, "embarrassed," crap---I had to look it up again just to put it here. kryptonite.  I can look at as little as three numbers in a book, walk ten feet to a post-it note to write them down and POOF, gone.  Or I retain the three numbers and rearrange them to a useless order, perhaps even add a fourth digit. Hooray.   

One day our lives will depend upon me punching three digits into a keypad that stops world destruction, and after you desperately call out "458!" I'm going to type "8453."  Boom!    So sorry about that...

This is actually a supernova exploding, as the Earth has not yet blown, thereby making photos scarce...

Or maybe not. Perhaps a world-threatening situation won't be placed in my hands until I can get over this number problem. I'm glad that's being taken into account for all concerned.

This comes down to me hating math so much.  I reject numbers, the components of math. I expel them just as quickly as they enter my brain. Well, except when adding up my dollars and cents to buy candy.

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