chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Rain Rain Go Away


Poopy rain the last few days... We keep getting these teaser spring days, then we go back to cold rain and winter snow. Yuck.

A freezing day, but Angus climbed in a chair and sunned himself anyways.

Thick thick fog wasted this morning. I say "wasted" because fog is so neat-o that I feel like it should be used for something while it's still there. But it's always too early and I'm not ready to go out and walk around in it. Or it would be fun to film a little scary movie in it. 

Fog makes me think of the early morning trek to junior high, which was about a mile away, and how strange it was not to be able to see where I was heading or where  I just came from. 

Speaking of school, last time I was in my hometown, the charming armpit of Oklahoma, I picked up my little cousin from her grade school, which was also my school. I still think it's such a cool building, and I took this picture:

Washington Elementary School

I remember having 6th grade up there on the top floor. My teacher was a monster, no kidding, and one time I secretly pushed her iced tea out the window.  My friend Christy then begged that we be allowed to go downstairs to get her a new glass of tea, and on the way back to class we spit in it.

We were good kids, I'm telling you.  I'll have to post about this teacher to justify the spitting.

I think we used to be the Washington Blue Devils. I guess they don't let kids have devil mascots anymore, as they are called something else these days --- the Washington Princesses or something sweet like that... 


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