chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Stupid Abilities


Hey, I don't need a crystal ball to predict events not-worth-predicting.

I have the ability to sometimes dream about an event that really does happen. This would be really cool, perhaps even profitable, IF the event were ever of even the tiniest bit of importance. Here are a couple "great" examples of my insignificant superpowers:

Dream:  I dream that I'm in this big building with a bunch of girls, and I'm sitting in sort of a lobby on a couch with tv blaring way up high in a corner of the room. At one point I look around at the windows and the four hallways branching off from the lobby and I think, "Hey, this building is shaped like an 'x,' and I'm in the center of the 'x.'"

Dream come true:  Later that year I get a scholarship and end up going to a college out of town that I've never seen before then. One night during my first week in the dorm there I'm in the lobby with a bunch of the girls and look around with deja vu and realize, hey, this building is shaped like an X (and it is), and I'm in the center of it. It's exactly the same as the dream, except the girls' faces had been blurs. There's even a tv hanging way up in the corner of the room.

Dream:  I dream this girl in high school (didn't even know her), let's call her Beth, 'cause I don't remember her name now, comes to school wearing this enormous white fur coat. There's a flock of kids around her admiring it and touching it.

Dream come true:  I went to school the next day and got a little confused, which I do, as to whether it was a real event. I mentioned to my friend, cripes, where's the celebrity and her giant fur coat today?---who buys a coat like that for a little girl?  And my friend doesn't know what I'm talking about because it didn't happen of course.
About a month later we all come back from Christmas break and here's Beth coming down the hall wearing a giant white fur coat. Girls approach from all sides, she slows down, and everyone is stroking the coat and admiring it. 
Btw, it really bothers my friend when he remembers that I predicted her new coat a month before, and it's then that I realize I shouldn't mention these incidents.

Nostradamus tackled the big issues, whereas I'll let you know if a strap on your shoe is going to break.

Sometimes there's even less of an event in the dream. Like I'll dream about a meeting at work where one dude will throw his hands up in the air and deliver a certain line. The next day we'll have the the actual meeting and I see him throw up his hands, and I know exactly what he's going to say, and you can bet what he's said isn't even important... Or I'll dream some strange snippet, like a scene of these dirty kids climbing thru a cellar window, escaping, and then a month later I'll see a movie that contains that exact scene. Dumb. 

To tell you the truth, it's always kinda bothered me when this happens. I get this all over buzzing of excitement, but also a stomache-dropping weird sense of dread. After all, what does it mean to see something ahead of time? Am I seeing tidbits of the future, or are these events happening right now, elsewhere, slightly off of our timeline?  Any way you look at it, it's mind-boggling, freaky... It's huge, or should be huge, yet it's such a non-event if it's only taking place in my head.

Someday when I fully lose my mind I'll be on a street corner calling out my predictions. "Wednesday my red sock will be missing!"   "I forsee a man dropping a can of peaches at the grocery store!"  "A storm is coming that will create a puddle by my bedroom closet!"   

And I'll be dead-on correct, but who cares.


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