chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Dogs Shouldn't Have To Work With Toys

This badass dog is Barney. He's standing amidst the carnage he caused at a children's museum overnight. I like how he looks a little bit embarassed. Or maybe he's afraid for his life. See, Barney just finished destroying $900,000 in antique bears that he was supposed to be protecting alongside that apparently worthless security guard.

I'm wondering (the article doesn't say) if this was Barney's first night in the museum or if he'd spent weeks eyeballing rows and rows of bears that he wished he could tear apart. I think this is an important piece of information, 'cause I'd sure like to know how long Barney held himself back before he went nuts. BEARS, for crying out loud! TOYS---everywhere! I know my dogs would have lost it the first night.
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