chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Plagues and Spring-time


The other night I was so excited about the mild weather I had to leave a door open where I was working, even on into the night. Perfect temperature, and the CRICKETS are back!  It's so nice to hear them again.

Too bad I don't have a screen door...

Anyways, suddenly there's this crash that sounds like someone from outside threw a stick or something against the wall over my head. I look up and there's the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen hanging up there by the ceiling. Weird---ya don't see any at all, and then the first arrival is a prehistoric size and manages to hurl himself straight into the house.

The grasshopper falls in a corner on the floor with a huge thud, and I invite the dogs into the room to check him out. Wide-eyed Angus stands by totally useless, but Acorn zips right over, picks it up and trots out back. Apparently things taste better when consumed in a special spot in the yard.

I was feeling bad for the grasshopper later. What if this giant grasshopper had come with a message for me? What if he had been a test to see whether I'd let him go or sacrifice him, and now a plague is on its way because I've failed?

Well, I've possibly doomed the whole human race.  

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