chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

New new stuff...


I finally put a store on the website.

Well, I finally got the two new books to put in the store, thus having a reason for the store. Actually the very same three books for sale in the store are also there to read for free on the web-site, so is there really a good reason for a store?  Eh...

There's also a "What's New" page, which today mentions the new store and then also gives you the option to go to this Live Journal, at which point you you'll come here and read about the "What's New" page and store, and then you'll find that you've been referred back to the website, which refers you back to the Live Journal, and, well, at some point (after several trips back and forth) you will unentangle yourself from this vicious circle and get back to the important things in your life. I'm really sorry for the trouble.

And now, most importantly, here's a picture of my sister's dog Poppy in a dress:

You might notice there's some random baby lying in the
background of this picture, but all that's important here 
is the dog in the dress.


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