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Romantic movies because it's THAT day...




"Sense & Sensibility" 

I think I like this movie more each time I see it.

At first glance it's this slooow-moving thing where not a lot happens. That's because all of the big action is happening inside of the people. The people don't always even smile when they're happy or cry when they're sad.  Kisses are held back, words are kept in---there's so much restraint for so many reasons beyond manners. The main character is tortured without anyone ever even touching her, and her release at the end couldn't be bigger if she jumped off a cliff.

Lots of looks without words:

(I must say "Mr. Robert" in the clip has more teeth than I've ever seen in one mouth...)

If you've ever been completely heartbroken, ya might look in the mirror, and there's no outter evidence except that your eyes look troubled. And if you are in love, a hankie with embroidered initials can be a treasure that you pull out to look at over and over and over...

P.S.  Alan "Snape" Rickman is about the most wonderful gentleman in the world in this movie. 
P.S.S.  This movie would make my husband pluck out his eyes with boredom.


"Roman Holiday"

It's a fun story. Romantic. 
It stars two extraordinarily lovely people: Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and their physical beauty is magnified 1000X by their charm.

A cute scene:

In the end the two just exchange looks that break my heart. The looks go on and on without words while other busy things are going on in the room around them. 

If it were filmed today the two characters would have sex, and they would possibly run away together at the end. And it would suck.

P.S.  Eddie Albert is one of the best parts of this movie.

P.S.S.  While looking at Roman Holiday clips on Youtube I saw that someone had edited together a little Roman Holiday music video to a Nickleback song. Vomit...



Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant. This movie is exciting and funny and a little scary. The colors are so great. The side characters are perfect. It's just...ok, it's a perfect movie.

I have to appreciate a romantic movie with a man-woman exchange like this one:

Him:  How would you like a spanking?!
Her:   How would you like a punch in the nose?!

A good scene:

As a kid I was always hearing (on tv anyways) about this wonderful wonderful Carey Grant. I see him when I'm a semi-adult and think, eh, he's okay. Then I watch his movies and accept that he was THE MAN. If you've never had a chance to use the words "suave" and "dashing," he can put them in your vocabulary.


"Love Actually"

Aside from the part of the story about the two porn movie stand-ins, this movie is GREAT.  It's split into several stories going on at once, and I love the one about Colin Firth, a dumped-by-his-wife writer, going to work in the country and getting to know the cleaning girl. I love Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister---he makes me laugh just standing there. And Bill Nighy is a freaking wonderful faded rock star trying to make a comeback. 

A clip of Bill Nighy being awesome:

This clip is of Hugh Grant and "Natalie" meeting. She has an unfortunate potty-mouth like me:

And there's Alan Rickman again. And Emma Thompson again... 
And this movie makes me feel kinda happy even if I'm overall not. At least for about 10 minutes after the credits. Amazing.


Oh, there's lots more.... Gotta stop now, though, because I'm sleepy.  


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