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Drawing Bo Peep made me think of a nightmare I had when I was a kid. Hope it was a nightmare, but it's always seemed real. In the dream I got up in the middle of the night, went downstairs in my pajamas, saw my parents and assorted aunts and uncles asleep in various places. Everyone seemed to have fallen over right where they were, even at the table. I went outside (we lived in the country), and went across the yard to a canyon-esque area where the ground is kinda torn open and dips down---there are red dirt places like that all over Oklahoma. Anyways, I stood there on the edge and looked down at a big black bull that was at the bottom. The bull had a deep whispering voice, and he told me he was dying. And since he was dying, and since I was awake and listening at a time and place I shouldn't be, he said he would tell me something I shouldn't know yet.

I can't for the life of me remember WHAT he told me. It was like one sentence. Whatever it was made my stomach sink---some kind of terrible revelation that changes everything. I just know that I walked away depressed and wishing he hadn't told me, and I remained depressed the next day when I woke up. And, hey, I think it never really went away.

can click picture to see it suck at a larger size
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