chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

I want to spin and transform too!


Anyone who can somehow have shoulders that wide and still have a waist that small, well, that's a wonder in itself.

When I used to watch the Wonder Woman tv show, I couldn't wait for the part where she spins and transforms from gorgeous "nerd" (ingeniously disguised by a hair-bun and glasses) into Wonder Woman.  It was stupid but exciting, and I remember my sister spinning outside, letting down her hair and pretending to transform. My sister also had a pink Wonder Woman nightgown, which at the time I thought was so entirely similar to actually owning the costume.

Well, here's the spin-transformation again and again and again and again, thanks to Youtube:

I like the one spin where she changes into her Wonder Woman diving suit, which I remember being so shocked about back when I first saw it---who knew she had other outfits?!!!

It was cool at the time, but today the suit surprised me all over again and I laughed.

In the early episodes she's even thoughtful enough to hold onto her clothes to use again later after her spins---where the civilian clothes go the rest of the time, we'll never know.  

There is another great Wonder Woman mystery that still bugs me, so let me know if you have the answer: When Wonder Woman is deflecting bullets with her wrist-bands, why does she go out of her way to deflect the ones that MISS HER?  I'd understand if there were civilians wandering around behind her, but she does this all the time when she's the only one around. Is she just showing off, or is she just a little bit obsessive compulsive...?

That reminds me---I used to wrap foil around cardboard or cut out pieces of soda cans to make my own cuffs. Ya know, and then I'd have another kid throw rocks at me so that I could try deflecting them. It hurt a lot to miss, but dead-on deflecting made up for that! ... I must say, I kinda remember doing this recently. I believe there was something at work or at home that made me think of her cuffs, so I tried them on and had someone throw stuff at me. I don't know---they might have been rolls of duct tape.

Hey, Wonder Woman had a little sister, played by Debra Winger:

"I'm trying to forget the fact that I ever did this role..."

Her spin transformation is horrible, as she's just starting out. Watch how she thinks back to her big sister's awesome technique, learns from it, and then tries her own spin again---MUCH WORSE THAN THE FIRST TIME.  It works, though, and then she stumbles away awkwardly to fight crime:

The theme song was so dumb and so catchy and so cool. What's the word for that combination, as the 70's and early 80's were full of whatever it is.

"In your satin tights, fighting for your rights..."   Awesome.

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