chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Fred and sadness


I'm depressed.

If anyone has a cure for "lifelong-regardless-of-circumstance heightened-by-fall/winter depression" please let me know. It can't be drugs. Or Scientology-related. Or a noose.

I'll tell you what isn't a cure, but by golly I've tried:  white cake with white icing.  It does take the edge off for about 20 minutes.  Oh, and dirty martinis. They help for about 90 minutes, which is quickly cancelled out by a nasty headache.

Olives are wonderful. 
Olives that make you reeeelax?---Amazing!

When it gets warmer out I'll be happier. I'll be happy for hours at a time, and sometimes even at night. Crickets will help.

Oklahoma in the spring. 
I did not take this picture.
I also don't live there anymore.


I love this movie:

Fred is quite handsome, and he has a great green wardrobe.

"Drop Dead Fred" is about a little girl's obnoxious imaginary friend, Fred, who reappears in her adulthood to help her sort out some of her new (and old) problems. She's supposed to learn to get by without him, to be strong, and to love herself... and... eh....  I would rather just stay with Fred and play tricks on people forever.

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