chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Sacs are ghastly


I used to think the word "sack" was a cute one, as it made me think of paper grocery bags full of food or round white bags of money with a big dollar sign on the front like in cartoons. 

By the way, cartoons lead me to believe that as an adult there might actually be many opportunities to stumble across or easily steal sacks of money. This just isn't true.

Then guys started using the word "sack" for other purposes and ruined it (if ya don't know, just think about it).  I'm not really uptight about guys throwing the word around---I'm just saying that their new definition now pops into my head every time the word is used, and I hate that.   I've also never liked the sound of the word "slacks," and eventually the cute sack images couldn't override the similarities of the two words.

I can't explain my distaste for the word "slacks." I don't like the amount of effort and mouth movements it takes to put that word out there. And I guess I hate the idea of being forced to wear panty-hose, which makes me think of men having to wear ties and slacks.  Ew.

I used to think the word "sac" was even cuter, as it indicated a micro-sack of some sort; sacs are so small that the "k" has been removed for all its weight.  I pictured insects placing their tiny eggs in tiny sacs and slinging them over their backs or tiny cartoon spiders dangling them from tiny threads. And I thought of "cul de sacs," even before I found out what the hell one was.. 

Sea sacs are funny, whatever they are.

But the tainting of "sack" has carried over to the word "sac," and now that word is just gross too.

And I hate spiders. Well...I love all critters, and spiders are wonderful for the world in many ways, but I just wish they would STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, and most especially STOP STRINGING WEBS ACROSS MY DOORWAYS. 

Pretty, yes, but I want it 100 yards from me. Maybe further.

It does not help that I find bigger, meatier spiders each year, and the more significant they become, my unreasonable fear/hate grows. As my spider discomfort grows, my disgust with the word "sac" grows, as it makes me think of tiny egg sacs containing a sea of 8-legged-assholes who could very well end up in my hair one day as I go through my own doorway.

A nasty spider rolling up his nasty sac full of demon spawn.

A nasty tarantula holding its nasty egg-sac. This picture almost made me throw up.


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