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Phone Pictures Suck


I finally got a cell phone a few years ago when I found myself stranded with a flat tire. Although it's not reserved for emergencies like I originally intended, and it's pretty much replaced my home line, I still haven't felt any desire to have phone gadgetry---like the phone having all the same functions as my tv and computer and stereo and camera. I guess this makes me old.

"What are you wearing right now...?"

But when someone tries to hard sell me on the stuff their schmancy phone can do, I always say: 

My computer does that already. 
But what if you are at work? 
There is a computer there too. 
What if you are on a mountain?***  
Then I'll only be using the phone to call 911, 'cause otherwise I'm having a good time because I'm on a mountain. 
But what if you want to take pictures?
I have a real camera.
What if you want to watch a funny video or send an email?
I won't---I'll be enjoying the mountain.

***(I must admit this is a really stupid example, since I'm really unlikely to ever be on a mountain)

The more stuff it does, the larger the screen gets, and it slowly becomes a lap-top.

Now perhaps we understand each other. You need constant feedback from a device while I can wait to access the world from my computer at home or work---sometimes with whole minutes/hours/days in between. We already have such instant communication via internet and regular cell phones and lap-tops that I'm not sure why anyone is looking for more more more. 

But look---I can move the pictures around with my fingers!
Ooookay....maybe what you really need is a game to play.

The modern phone is so high-tech that when it retires for the evening it lands at a docking station like a tiny spacecraft.

A few months ago I had to replace a really old phone (that had been dropped 500 times), and by the time I do this even the very cheapest phone takes pictures. Hey, I'm not against a feature that is already there.  Soooo, I've been taking pictures with it now and then, leaving the pictures stored uselessly in the phone until today when I saw where to upload them on the internet.  What crap-ass pictures. I mean, I like the pictures, but poopy quality. Oh well... 

Hey, if I buy one of those schmancy phones, does it take nicer pictures?
(sheepishly) They're pretty crappy.

Anyways, here are a few from my phone:

We discovered that Acorn is obsessed with the fish tank at the vet's office. She will not budge until she is taken away. The girls at the desk say that none of the other dogs ever care about the fish.

Now that we know how she feels, I'm sure to take her by the fish at the pet store too. Before you pity a dog in clothes, just know that Bostons get really cold in the winter with their sparse fur.

Just crossed over from Texas into Oklahoma. Was admiring how green everything was last year because of our ridiculous rainfall---the grass was fluorescent with happiness.

Took this about a week ago on a cold windy day. This area was swarmed with birds on every inch of wire, tree, building. It was soooo loud. I was kinda wondering if these birds were coming back early or going away late, as it's actually mid-winter. They would not answer my questions. Bird secrets---pffft!

My Angus Fatty McPatty. I love his curled paws. The camera phone gives them evil eyes EVERY single time.

Angus and Bunny in the kitchen. They wait here on the rug every morning and watch me because she knows she will get a carrot, and he usually gets a treat.

"I will steal your soul!"

I was animating a deer at work, and she looked like this one day when I opened the scene again. The camera is actually pretty far away, so this point of view was frightening from out of the blue.

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