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A REAL puppet-builder

I might spend the next few weeks making some puppets for someone's project, so my head has been full of strings and swinging jaws and rods and stuff while I try to plan how to do this---I usually just make dolls, and they don't have to do anything.... It's exciting, but also very intimidating, especially on a deadline, so unfortunately these prospective puppet pieces were all still in my head at 3:30am. 

Now I'm very tired.

When I couldn't sleep last night, I looked at videos of puppets online. Here are two that I marveled at:

This is the simplest and best puppet design and movement you'll ever see. Give him a minute to get going---it's amazing how much he can do and express:


Yikes.  Over-sized things both frighten and fascinate me.

This is a GIANT marionette out on the street. She is being sprayed with water by another GIANT puppet of an elephant, but we don't get a good look at him in the video. That's him in the picture above:

Wish I could see this stuff in person. What a great idea, and what neato people to see such a strange and complicated project through just to entertain.


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