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Angus Applehead

I like this picture of Angus, except for the fact that I'm in the picture. It's a good look at his cartoony face---huge eyes and round forehead. I love his profile.

Does she understand what I'm trying to tell her??? Will I be left at home to perish??

His big ridiculous eyes really fit his personality, which is actually very playful and silly, but these can also be very sad eyes---a super bonus for a drama dog.  Here he is sulking by his leash at the front door. This particular performance is because I was packing my car for a trip that day, so he waited by his leash looking ultra-rejected, hoping I'd decide to take him along.

Looks at me. Looks at the leash.  Repeat. Repeat.

Five minutes pass... He does this quivering sigh that sounds like a sob. His head droops so low with rejection that it almost touches his toes. 

My nephew Cory draped with dogs early one morning on the sofa. Acorn is licking his thumb just because it's there.

My dogs are sort of obnoxious. Obnoxious with love.  Anyone who stays the night is a potential new bed buddy (if ya don't shut your bedroom door). Angus and Acorn don't care if you've just met them---it's time for the cuddling.

Acorn sunning herself in a t-shirt. There's yet to be photographic evidence of the way she usually suns on her back.

Can't wait for spring and warmth and green stuff.  I miss looking out the kitchen window at about noon and spotting Acorn on her back in blissful sun-worship.


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