chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

New Year


Happy New Year.

I looked for a picture of Baby New Year and this is one of the things that came up, and I like it better:

Oddly, New Year's Eve makes me think of party-blowers and fireworks and champagne and Times Square----an assortment of fun things that don't have anything to do with me.  Hey, champagne tastes horrific. I'm still disappointed that it doesn't taste like magical grape juice. Same feelings for wine.   No, I won't change my mind no matter how many different brands you let me sip.  Ah, but I can always put grape juice in a wine glass and pretend to be an adult.

Wine & Champagne: Not what I thought...

Last night we forgot to even watch the clock.  Suddenly we noticed it was five after midnight, mostly alerted because guns were being fired on the next street. They shoot those guns every night, but they are all well-timed for the 4th and New Year's.  Everyone should celebrate events with guns, I always say.

"Happy New Year, son!  A little higher---mind the neighbor's dog there."

We saw a happy sweet move called "Water Horse" yesterday, and afterward I read a critic-jerk call it "as stale as Grandma's lingerie."  It seems that it is no longer okay for a movie to just be what it is: a sweet normal story.  

I suppose the waterhorse was supposed to turn out to be Satan or everyone shoulda died at the end.  OR MY FAVORITE: the screen shoulda faded to black and had credits rolling right in the middle of an action scene so that the audience could admire the director's creativity at leaving them completely hanging for an ending. Oh yeah. That woulda pulled in film students to "Water Horse" by the millions.

My husband and I go see what makes us happy, which makes for a very odd assortment of movies, and anyone silly enough to judge folks by their movie choices would probably think we're morons. More often it's becoming movies that will cheer us up, not remind us of how scary/violent/confusing/out-of-control the world can be. We're not hiding from the truth...just not finding any sort of entertainment in it. At least not lately.

Oh, what's this got to do with New Year's Day?  The jaded critic mentioned above reminded me that I don't ever want to be that person who poops on sweet simple things. This year it will be more important than ever to look for good and magic in the clutter and madness.  And to believe in waterhorses and such.

And to stay inspired.  This the husband singing at a show the other night, feeling particularly into it and especially butt-nuts crazy happy.  Here's to a year of times like these:

He asked me later if he was a little too nuts. I said "maybe so" initially, but I shoulda said "no."


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