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Kinda forgot to ever get on here and wish happy holidays.

Shoot, we barely got a Christmas card out the door.

We had a lame attempt at a "family portrait," card like the ones that folks with beautiful kids sometimes send us. I meant for it to only go out to family, but after the fact I find that Aaron has sent it to some friends...Ugh.  Neither of us are photogenic, so we usually send pictures of the dogs, but I thought parents might appreciate a recent picture. Or maybe not. Is it really so charming once we're graying and developing ear hair?

I took the picture, and the dogs didn't want to be in it, so it was awkward.  I like these mess-ups better than the one we sent out:

Acorn was determined not to be captured on film, and she looks really unhappy when we finally got her. I've mentioned before that Acorn believes the camera is evil and will take her soul.

Aaron sure looks like Gene Wilder, especially in the first picture. I've always had a crush on Gene Wilder, but I didn't notice the resemblance right away.


Christmas Animagic

After years of never missing the Rankin/Bass shows like "Rudolph," and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," "Frosty," etc., they were banned from my house recently as they became too sad to watch.  This year I decided to harden myself to them again, and I found a channel that was airing them every few days while I wrapped presents or was looking for ways to pump myself up to get thru this season.

I can now watch them all but the one still-God-awful moment in Rudolph where the misfit toys are defeated around the campfire and they hear the sleigh bells coming. Ugh. I suppose it's because I can remember so well being a kid and feeling relieved that they would be saved, and because I actually listened for that sound outside every year.

"Nobody wants a Charlie-in-a-box."

And when you watch them as an adult ya kinda notice new things, like how mean Santa in "Rudolph" can be. Apparently everyone else has noticed, as there are scads of Youtube videos about it, like this one:

Rudolph's dad and the coach are pretty darn heartless too.

"I can't be bothered!"                                                                      

"Hey, kids, let's mock his birth defect."

Boy, this year someone really cleaned out the basement and pulled out shows that I haven't seen since they originally aired. Oh, like the one where a kid is struck by lightning and goes blind, and then he has to worry about going to the orphanage---although he had no parents before he was struck by lightning.  
Remember that one? 
Me neither.

Here is Rankin or Bass or perhaps someone else entirely with the puppets 
from the aforementioned "Lightning Strike's Boy" Christmas special.

The most awesomely ridiculous is "Rudolph's Christmas in July," or something like that. I remember bits of this one really well, and then was shocked by other parts. Like when Frosty sacrifices himself to a wizard to restore Rudolph's nose-glowing powers. Frosty is standing there dead with button eyes when his wife and children come around the corner and are horrified. Yikes.

The winter wizard, btw, has a slew of strange fat/short snakes as minions, slithering at his side. It was downright traumatizing to see one of the snakes wrapped around Rudolph's neck. 

Here is my lame attempt at recapturing the moment, but the snakes actually had heads bigger than Rudolph's:

Thankfully Rudolph survived and will be back next year. Of course.


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