chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Injured By Lack of Cotton


I simply must use Q-Tips to get the water out of my ears after I take a shower. Immediately. If I'm on a trip and I've forgotten Q-tips, I feel like I'm carrying around an extra part on my head that keeps me from concentrating on anything else. 

Once again I suppose I'm going to make a comment on the lack of quality in products these days, even the ones considered the top brand. You'll notice I didn't just say "cotton swabs," and that's because not only do I find the word "swab" revolting to say or hear, I spend that extra 50 cents or so to put the name-brand of Q-Tips inside my ears. I figure the holes in my head and one of my five senses are worth it. Generic mustard, yes. Generic ear-micro-surgery-equipment, no.

Q-Tips' new slogan:  Gotcha!

Tonight I grabbed a Q-Tip and jammed it in my ear with a velocity that is justified when considering the fat cotton cushioning that should be provided by every single Q-Tip in the damn box.  RAH!  No cotton, or at least none at the all-important tip----NO COTTON AT THE END OF A STICK THAT HAS JUST BEEN SHOVED INTO MY EAR CANAL. 

I think I stabbed my brain. I can't remember 1992 now, and that could be a good thing. I also think I located an accupuncture point, as I simultaneously felt the jab in my ear AND on the other side of my tongue. Maybe this is cool, too. I'm not sure.

Yes, the Q-Tips folks only deal with two ingredients: sticks and cotton.  Apparently that's one too many things to keep an eye on at the factory.

A less painful method of removing water from my ears.

I have to mention that this is third time this has happened in the last year or so, after many many years of it NEVER happening.  Another product going to the crapper?... Also, you would think I'd be cautious after the first couple times I stabbed myself, but ya know, months pass and I get all brave and careless and trusting again.


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