chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Assorted Old Pictures


Some old pet pictures I hadn't seen in a while...

New baby Angus. Fat and sleepy on the first night we had him, near Christmas. You would think all that fat would keep him warm, but he actually needed that bumblebee sweater.

I forget what a heartless and spontaneous biter Angus was when he was little. Many fingers were lost before we could teach him to stop. Here is Spencer in pain.

A game of Toss-The-Angus in the back yard. Acorn never would catch Angus. She preferred to shoot him down with laser beams from her eyes.

Cotton in a witch hat, hating me for it. Cotton in the bath.  As you can see, Cotton was 75% fur.

Cotton celebrating St. Patrick's Day with me.
(I can't remember why we did this. Perhaps we were drunk.)

Cotton liked to play fetch with my hairbands.  If I ignored him long enough he would pick up hairband again (as seen here) and toss it around in his paws to demonstrate exactly how much fun I was missing.

Brown Bunny & Little Girl side by side, a.k.a. "being slippers," in my old apartment when they were youngsters.
Cotton being a dork by the front door---always stretched out with his body facing two different directions.
Little Girl giving me a kiss on my forehead.

Cotton eating breakfast with my Grandma, aunt and cousin. His manners were excellent.

Future heavyweight Brown Bunny when he was still tiny enough to fit in my hands.

Little Girl when she was the size of a hamster.


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