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Fall III


We have strange trees in our front yard (I've forgotten the name again) that produces gigantic leaves. These are my feet in comparison, using a picture taken today. This would be really impressive until I tell you that my feet are only three inches long.

Off topic: check out my shoes and pants. I'm almost camouflaged. I'm realizing that I have too many non-colorish green/brown clothes, as someone asked the other day if I had not changed clothes...

There was only one of these big-leaf-trees in the yard when we moved into this house four years ago, but by the second year we noticed a smaller one growing a few inches from the trunk. We pulled it up and planted it on the opposite side of the yard (I didn't think for one second that it would grow), and the husband named the baby tree Sigmund Jeffrey. I don't know why he named it, other than the fact that he's a freak, but giving the new tree a name made it seem more like someone we knew. During storms he'd look out the front window and shriek, "Sigmund is about to fall over!!!"   Sigmund was secured with a yardstick and string in the beginning, but he almost immediately blasted into a strong little tree.

These big-leaf-trees grow really fast. This year Sigmund is only slightly shorter, and now his branches touch the branches of the original tree.  Our yard is covered in total shade now.

Father tree (left) and Sigmund Jeffrey (right).

I don't like fall, but I'm trying to give this damn season a chance, especially since my Grandma liked the leaves changing. Fall is flirting with me right now by remaining warm and pleasant while still coloring and throwing around leaves. For now I'll pretend that it's not going to get cold and wet and miserable at any moment, and I'll also pretend I don't blame this season for a raging sinus infection that has blackened my eyes and taken away my sense of smell and part of my hearing. I'll mention how fond I was of being able to breathe through my nose, but I'll stop there before I get into the cursing. Remaining calm. Trying to appreciate...

It's been a rough year. It's been an especially terrible week. 
But, hey, look at the beautiful sky today:

And I can always look at Angus' face for a laugh:

Today I was painting the outside of our crumbling back door. I was hopped up on coffee and cold medicine, hugely distracted. Once the door was coated with paint, I got a wet rag to wipe my hands, and as I passed the washer and dryer I realized I had underwear lying about to dry while hubby's band-mates would be around soon.  So I gathered the underwear, shoved them beneath my arm to put away later, then went back outside to check the paint job again before the sun went down. A huge FALL wind picked up and began to pelting the door with leaves and bugs. I realized that I'd unwittingly created a giant sheet of flypaper, for crying outloud.  I began to kick leaves off the deck and stand in front of the door to block debris. Tried pushing the door open, but that just let the leaves into the house.  

Decided to just let it go and repair the damage later, and stood there thinking about how piddly stupid things like wet doors full of leaves and bugs continue no matter what. Everything keeps going and going, whether you think at the time you want it to or not. The sun keeps rising and setting.  And then I looked down and realized I was wiping paint from my hands with my underwear.



Ok, Grandma, go ahead and ask...
You know I will:  How long are you staying?
As long as I want.
You don't mean it!
I do!   

We had a great time, didn't we? As best could be had.
And everything will be ok, and I'll see ya later.


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