chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

That Story About The Rabbit...


Yeah, this book was supposed to be done earlier this year. 

I knew it would be 40-50 pictures, but I didn't know I would drag them out into eternity... 
So much space elapsed between each drawing that the style kinda varies from picture to picture, which has annoyed me and gravitated my hand toward the trash. More than usual.

But I can't throw any or all of it away now because it's almost done. Well, and because my husband would kill me. This thing---this "non-story" based on two of my nightmares---WILL be finished and even printed, and maybe someone will buy the book, read it, and then NOT travel cross country to beat me over the head with it. 

The first few pages have been here on my site for quite some time:

But I wanted to post a few new pictures today. It was hard to pick some that won't give away too much of what happens, so here's one whole picture, and a portion of three others:


I'm not sure I will put this whole story online when I'm done, as there has to be dollars and cents reaped to sponsor the printing for the few people who want to own the book. But how will anyone know whether the book is any good, and why should they buy it?  Ah, that might only be answered by the few who give in and later chase me down for reparations... 

I can just say that it's not a fun or happy or pleasant story, and this one is definitely not for kids...unless maybe you were riddled with guilt and anxiety as a kid, like me, in which case you might find it strangely comforting.  Or not.

Anyways, so you can see I actually draw sometimes. And when I'm finished with this monstrosity I'll get back to using colors again. Maybe I'll even play with clay. Or I'll go to Clown School. It's hard to say.

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