chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Goodbye to Big Joe


It's about time for me to have a happy post, but some bad news arrives today. Our friend and co-worker Joe has passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. Struck in his giant, still very child-like heart.

Joe was an awesome artist/sculptor/mask-maker, and ironically the only picture I have of him is in his hand-made Zip costume from our Halloween party a couple years ago. He's with our friend Paul here, and you can barely see him without his mask behind Paul in the smaller picture.

One of the most inspiring things is to meet someone who knows exactly what they want to do as a child, and they start doing it, and they keep the passion and fun alive for it well into adulthood. That was Joe with his sculptures and art, all stemming from his love of sci-fi, classic tv, good/bad horror, cheesy toys, and animation.

From his very appropriate blog profile: 

"I'm a 43 year old kid having fun doing what I've always wanted to do. I sculpt, paint, draw, design, fabricate...I create all day long!!"

Another one of his masks, Tor.

I've said several times today (with my usual lack of tact) that there are lots of people who could really stand to be hit by a bus, but ya know, we don't get to choose who goes. Sometimes we most unfairly lose the ones who are the most harmless and fun, the kind we need around this harsh place for cushioning.

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