chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Saturday Morning Cartoons...


If you happen to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings (despite the fact that it is no longer quite so special cornsidering cartoons can be found round the clock on certain channels these days), you might keep an eye out for these guys:

These are just two of several colorful nubby little toys called Tinpo, and a couple other fellows and myself animated shorts of them that will air this Saturday the 15th on CBS between the other cartoons and shows that morning. I don't have the air-times for this, so I will probably miss them right along with you.

I animated them while the characters were still gray, and there was no sound to accompany them, so it will be strange for me to see them in color with music and voices. Shoot, it will be strange just to see them on tv. I haven't done anything that's aired since the Jimmy Neutron days, and those shows somehow still don't really register as connected to me, 'cept for the weirdness of sometimes knowing what words will come out of their mouth or when someone will turn their head or pick something up. I think I must have been "over-Jimmied" during that series, and something is now broken in my head. I do love Jimmy, though.

Anyways, there will be several Tinpo shorts, and each animator got to do two whole ones on their own. I did the episode with the soda machine and the one with the camera/factory.

There ya go.

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