chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Ten Minutes of TV


About ten minutes of television is enough to make me feel really lost. Lost like I was just dropped off on this planet recently. Ten minutes is enough to be attacked repeatedly by commercials for debt relief, weight-loss, mascara, and being beautiful. Repeatedly. Repeatedly.

Did I mention debt? Debt. Debt. Debt. Let us help you make smaller payments so that you can pay toward that debt FOREVER! Don't worry about it. For now you can celebrate with a new car and a trip with the money you'll save on your new debt relief.

You're fat. Start eating tiny packets of quarter-size cookies that are 90% air. Done!

Jello is gross and weird, but it has no calories, so live it up. Dance with your jello and be thin, 'cause that's all that matters!

This mascara will give you lashes as thick as this model wearing false ones. Really.

Don't get caught getting old! This makeup has micro-beads that ACTUALLY have tiny computer-run control centers to know just how much to treat your skin for wrinkles. Zaps wrinkles with lasers. No kidding! Makeup with brains and lasers?---for under $2000? Cool.

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