chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Long Legs & Bunny Kisses


Unless a rabbit lives in your house, you might not have ever seen one relaxing. In the wild they are always on high alert, but this is how they look when 7 years pass without the threat of being eaten:

Because she can stretch out so long, and she has a warm furry little body, sometimes I slide her over in front of a door to keep the draft out:

The dogs are longer and can keep out more cold wind, but it's hard to get them to repeat this pose when not on the bed (here Angus demonstrates "long legs" in a hotel room):


Everyone should kiss a bunny at least once. They are so light and soft that you can barely feel your face make contact. After I nuzzle Little Girl, she will turn around and lick my cheek.

Can't catch her returning kisses in a photo, though, because apparently it's a top secret bunny move. Being born as a meal for most other animals, bunnies have to present a little bit of toughness. Here she is being tough.

Or maybe she's just thinking big tough girl thoughts.

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