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I just visited my grandma and borrowed an old book she owns that was written about my grandpa's hometown of Matoy, Oklahoma. It's very unofficial, stories handed down and stuff. Here is a section about my great-grandfather, Roy Green, picking up some "give-away foods" from a truck downtown during the Big Depression:

[A bob-tail truck brought the items to Matoy and the people met the truck there. One day when the caseworker and the driver got the truck parked out of the heavy Matoy traffic and was all set to dispense the foods, Roy was about the first in line, and he said, "Lady, I hope you have something other than that damn beef."

It was said that Roy used that adjective in front of "beef" like he thought that was the official name.

The lady replied, "Yes, Mr. Green, we have canned beef again. What have you found wrong with that delicious meat?"

"For one thing, I think it is horse meat, or something that Argentina shipped up here that their natives wouldn't eat. It is no good. My kids, nor I, will eat it," Roy said.

"Have you tried it as a casserole?" the caseworker asked.

"No, I guess not. What is a casserole?" Roy asked.

"There are several different cooking utensils that may be used to prepare and bake your casserole. If your wife does the meal preparing you tell her to use 1/2 cup catsup, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, two pinches of dry mustard, a dash of mace, another dash of cummin, 1/2 cup chopped celery, and one whole chopped onion. Mix well, and just before placing this in your pre-heated oven, quarter a green bell pepper and place on top. Cook for---"

Roy interrupted with, "Hell, Lady, if I had all that I wouldn't want your damn beef."]

Hmm...Between Roy Green and my other grandmother's potty mouth, I don't have to wonder where I got my love of colorful language.

Another part of the book describes Roy's kids, which would include my Grandpa Loyd and his twin brother Floyd:

[All the boys were "woodsmen." They knew Boggy Bottom like some kids knew the school building. They learned to handle an axe and crosscut saw at a tender age. They could look at the grain of a cut section of a bois d'arc and knew immediately where to place the wedge to split the section into fence posts.

Roy died at Bokchito a few years after WWII ended. All the other children maybe living. It seems that I heard one of the boys lived in the Lawton vicinity. (Yes, this would be my grandpa, and he lived in Lawton along with his brother, Gene).

Floyd lives in Benson, Arizona.

Carl joined the U.S. Army and was stationed in the Phillipine Islands when the Japanese captured the islands from Doug McArthur. After the prisoners were liberated I understand that Carl volunteered to remain there (or maybe was returned) and was killed in action.]

It would be cool if the writer had mentioned the fact that Floyd Green was missing four fingers on one hand because he accidentally chopped them off with an axe. I'm sure they could "handle an axe," but obviously one day Floyd was a little distracted.

I wish there was more in the book about the family. My grandpa and his brothers were very silly people and probably could have made for chapters and chapters of fun stories.

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