chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Pippi Longstocking


When I was a kid I used to watch the Pippi Longstocking shows/movie with this little girl playing Pippi:

I always thought she looked an awful lot like one of my male cousins, but she was cute, and she really fit that character perfectly.

Anyways, I wanted to live in her cool old house, the Villa Villekulla, without adult supervision, just like her:

Her dad was an old sea-captain, M.I.A. for some of the stories and later found on an island. Even after he was found she decided to stay at the house alone. Sometimes I felt a little sorry for her.

I also wanted her spotted horse, Little Man:

and her monkey, Mr. Nillson:

and to go on adventures with her two cry-baby friends, Tommy and Annika:

I could be imagining things, but seems like there was an episode where she hung Christmas presents in a giant tree and baked cakes for all the kids in town. She bought candy for everyone and planned elaborate (and dangerous) ways to have fun, like sledding off the roof...She was rich, but she didn't want anything for herself---not even a dress without holes in it. I love that she was really generous like that.

I was just reading that the author of the Pippi books, Astrid Lindgren, died a few years ago in Sweden. She'd said she never wanted a statue of herself, but look at this atrocity that was sculpted and placed in the water near her home:

It's called "Sagornas Död" or "The Death of All Tales." Yes, I'm getting the vibe that someone was sad that she was gone and that there would be no more stories from her, but seems like Lindgren (and her fans) would be appalled by this image. Gosh, it's just so harsh.

I'd like to know more about the statue and what the locals think about it, but I can't find anything in English.

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