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Stuff and Things

"Stuff and Things" --- this is a favorite subject line for emails from my friend Donald. I think it covers most areas of discussion.

I've got a blazing headache when I would like to be asleep, so I believe I'll have to vent about stuff and things for a few minutes. Only I don't think this will be helpful 'cause the monitor is hurting my eyes.


Dear Hollywood: WOULD YOU PEOPLE PLEASE STOP NAMING MOVIES AND TV SHOWS WITH AN "ing" ENDING IN THE TITLE? This stupid fad should be over by now. I think the first I noticed was "Chasing Amy," and then suddenly there were a million of them (I haven't even seen most of these): Finding Nemo, Finding Neverland, Crossing Jordan, Crossing Delaney, Chasing Donovan, Finding Farrah, Chasing Liberty, Chasing Papi, Being Julia, Being John Malcovich, Guarding Tess, Breaking Bonaduce, Being Victoria Beckham, Running with Scissors, Finding Forrester, Finding Amanda, Finding Kate...Finding a Movie Title That Doesn't Suck Hog Balls.

Some of the titles don't even apply to the movie. Nope, some dork is just excited to join in the ING revolution. "Being" and "Finding" seem to be the biggest offenders, and the list grows by the day.

Please stop.

On the topic of movie titles: "Smilla's Sense of Snow." I didn't see it, and maybe it was a good movie. I've just always thought the title kinda rhymed with "Box-office Poison." Really, can you imagine someone saying (with any enthusiasm), "Hey, let's go see Smilla's Sense of Snow tonight!" No, you can't. Don't lie.


I heard Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) will be back in Indiana Jones IV. Hooray! I'd heard they had hired Cate Blanchett, so I assumed that's that. Maybe Blanchett (who IS great, but too young) is still supposed to be a new girlfriend, but if Marion shows up in the story things might turn around into something more interesting.

It would be incredible if these movies wrapped up with Marion and Indiana Jones being together. They don't ever have to make another movie again if that happens. I'll even forgive the whole Kate Capshaw incident.

BTW, I read where some Raiders "fans" were talking about how Karen Allen is TOO OLD to come back as the love interest. Why isn't Harrison Ford too old to play Indiana Jones, I ask? Why isn't he considered too old to be romancing the actresses younger than Karen Allen?


My favorite "guy observation" is when they see an actress or model who has perhaps been out of the spotlight for 10 or 20 years: "Wow, she hit a brick wall!"
No, she got older.
Just like you will.
Just like your mom will.
Just like your future wife will (if you ever get one, dumbass).


I had more to say, but I need to remove an icepick from my eye.

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