chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Camera steals her soul?


Acorn is afraid of technology. If there's any gadget with a button, anything that winds, clicks, beeps---she heads for the hills. Angus is the opposite in that he wants to attack and/or play with gadgets. His bark gets high-pitched, and he develops jumping super-powers to reach it. This can be something as dumb as a potato-peeler that I'm just manually running back and forth across a carrot, but he sees this shiny metal thing performing a function, and then he knows that it MUST BE STOPPED.

Anyways, they both don't like cameras for some reason. Angus doesn't mind it being in my hand and pointed at other things, but he knows when it's focused on him, and he begins to look uncomfortable if I don't take the picture instantly. Acorn splits when I even appear with the camera, so I have to catch her when she's distracted. This is why the majority of my pictures of them are taken on the bed, which is where they are likely to nap or wrestle. I've either just caught them sleeping or playing, so they didn't see me right away. I didn't even really notice this fact until a friend was looking at pictures and said, "Do those dogs EVER get out of bed??"

The other day both dogs were running on and off the bed with a toy, and they stopped for a moment with Acorn proudly holding the toy. She was waiting for sad Angus to try to take it away when I arrived with the camera. You can see her face blurring as she takes note of the camera and begins to split.

And... she's outta there!

Poor glum Angus now has no reason to struggle for the toy, so he sulks by it.

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