chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

That's the sun.

Today Dallas welcomes special guest star THE SUN:

(actual picture---spotted at 9:25am through backyard trees)

Although The Sun was once a long-time Texas resident, this is a rare sighting of him, as for months now he has been concealed by his new entourage of havoc-wreaking rainclouds. We might forgive him for this gang activity if he can appear now and then to repair some of the damage his friends have caused.

Yes, we need The Sun to relieve us from floods and mudslides right now, but I'm sure within a month he'll be back to baking and killing people with his 113 degree waves of relentless summer terror. Floods, heatwaves and/or droughts---take your pick. Texas sun is ALL OR NOTHING.


Newly widowed Little Girl would like to tell everyone that she's doing ok, even though I can't take a picture of her in focus. She seems baffled by the disappearance of her rabbit buddy, but she's ready to take on new adventures and spend more time with humans.

I was drinking coffee this morning while looking at her last print-out from the veterinarian when I came across the word "fecal." I almost gagged. Suggestion: Hey, don't read about fecal matters while eating/drinking. This should be common sense.


Outside today with no rain...

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