chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Brown Bunny

I took some pictures of my brown bunny about a week ago with the intent to post a little something about him. His not-so-original name is actually Brown Bunny, by the way, with his nickname sometimes being "Puppy." This is Brown Bunny with our other bunny, Little Girl. They have been with me since they were babies, 8 years or so.

I was gonna talk about how stubborn and wild Brown Bunny has always been. How he's never accepted that he's in a safe place and that I'm not a predator. How he's never wanted to be held, but will allow a pat on the head now and then before scampering away. How he's rejected toys I offered, but will play with them after I've walked away. How he head-butts my legs as I rearrange his stuff. How he patrols the edges of his pen like such a tough guy, but then he spends every afternoon leisurely stretched out to have Little Girl groom him.

I was just gonna say how odd it is to be near an animal so long and still have that distance.

But I end up posting now after we've already said goodbye to him, as he passed away the other day. So this is a tribute to Brown Bunny. Untamed to the end, which was his right, but secretly he was a gentle giant and my friend.

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