chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Hi, I'm a Snake

This morning I spotted a snake tail poking out from under all the ivy on the porch. I squatted down and put my face about even with the snake so that I could look under the leaves, and the sucker was coiled up and a bit bigger than I expected. About two feet long and very fat, which is well outside the comfort zone I'm in with the worm-sized ones I usually find in the yard.

Here he is:

He's cute, and I'm not mortified of snakes like I am spiders (I'd rather find 10 snakes in my bed than one small spider), but I think he's a little nervy hanging out on my tiny porch like he's a pet or a friend. I picked him up with some salad tongs and threw him in the bushes.

He is the biggest I've found in the yard, and I think this is because there is more stuff for him to eat now in our new torrential-rain-induced tropical rainforest atmosphere. The monkeys will show up next.
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