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We thought about leaving town for a three-day weekend. Head north to a state park?---Oh no, it's flooding and raining there. Head south to the ocean?---Oh no, even more rain and flooding. How about a tad to the west to that cool small town with the old drive-in theater?---Oh no, just saw folks being rescued from trees and rooftops there on the news.


I was feeding the rabbits this morning (they are in a big pen/hutch covered with a circus tent ouside) and noticed that there was a carrot leftover from yesterday WITH A GIANT SNAIL ATTACHED TO IT. That's how wet it has been, nonstop for months. We're talking about my previously bone-dry backyard that used to reject all plant-life except for poison ivy and a few sad patches of dying grass. It's now a lush tropical rainforest with slugs, moss, fungus, ivy, freaky new bushes and lush, glow-in-the-dark green grass ... hell, there could be catfish out there by the end of the day.

I've posted a couple of the 10-day forecasts on here that show 10 days straight of rain predicted, but now that's old news. That's the forecast EVERY time I look.


In other news, I'm about to buy a videogame with rabbits in it.

Games aren't all that fun for me because I get bored with them really easily, and I might be the least coordinated game person on the planet. When I spend the majority of the game with my car stuck facing the wrong way off the racetrack, ramming repeatedly into a wall, folks think I'm just playing around. I'm not. I CAN'T GET OUT.

But I'm going to invest in these rabbits because I can look at cartoon rabbits all day long. I watched my nieces/nephews playing this rabbit game and just kept laughing at the rabbits dancing. Laughs: worth thousands of dollars. In reality they cost 19.00 at Gamestop...


I read a news article about something that happened in the "Finger Lakes" area of New York. Brother, I've already forgotten what happened there, but I can't stop thinking of the words "finger lakes," which really grosses me out for some reason.

Where are you going this weekend?

To the finger lakes area!

Well, watch the hell out, 'cause that sounds gross and scary.


And one more thing. I keep having nightmares every night for a couple weeks now. Last night I was at the top of the stairs of a really big house WHICH STARTING TURNING OVER AND ROLLING DOWN A HILL. There were lots of people in the house standing around talking all casual-like along the stairs and on the bottom floor, and as the house slowly started to tilt, there were a few ooohs and aaaahs, but no one seemed really concerned. I said, "Hold on to something!" and whether anyone else did or not, I attached myself to the banister and rode that damn house through several rolls.

It was kinda neat to watch a house turn upside down like that---I was watching the scenery go by the window. I remember exactly how the whole thing felt, as though it really did happen last night.

Well, I don't know if anyone was hurt in the house roll, but I did just fine because I had the sense to hold on.


I have no pictures to post for all of the text above. Sorry. I was looking at kittens this morning, though, so here's a cat.

This guy looks a lot like my beloved Cotton-the-cat and makes my heart hurt. Cotton liked to stand up a lot too, which showed off his adorable stubby legs.
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