chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

This and That

Some things I was just thinking about in the car...

I have a big crush on Bill Nighy:

He's long and lean and British and older and just so appealing in every wonderful way. He's also been in the best movies---he's been a pirate, a vampire, a rock star, but can also play a regular fellow just fine. I like him in "Still Crazy" and "Love Actually" the most, and he plays a washed up singer in both.

Lovely man that I would run away with. Or I could at least just listen to him talk and watch him walk around all day. Sorry, husband...

Wait, what am I apologizing for?---Aaron already said upfront that he would have to leave me for Christina Ricci in a heartbeat. So I suppose we can have this understanding.

[He prefers (as do I) the boobful, curvy, pale/pasty dark-haired Ricci, by the way. Not the svelte, sun-tunned Ricci she has been lately.]


And paper towels are too expensive. Isn't a roll of paper towels pretty much a longer roll of toilet paper? Actually, I'll bet there is more paper involved in the making of the toilet paper. Yet we aren't paying $1.50 or more for each roll of toilet paper, are we? Well, not yet, but that's coming.

Let's just don't forget that TP and paper towels are just some cheap paper rolled up. For the price of three rolls (about 8oz worth) of paper towels I can buy a package of 500 sheets of typing paper (about 5 lbs worth). I'll start wiping my countertops with typing paper if Bounty keeps pushing me...
(p.s. Who are we kidding here with talk of Bounty?---I don't buy name-brand paper towels.)


Oh, and the movie "Junebug" sucks. Don't tell me otherwise, as I will pounce on you (oh, go ahead, it'll be fun!). Please don't call it "ground-breaking" or "heartfelt" or "a character study" or "intelligent." Call it "crap," and we can talk.

Yes, Amy Adams is delightful in the movie, but that's not enough. Don't be fooled by the quirky hand-drawn movie poster or soundtrack that might lead you to believe some witty/clever Tannenbaum-type fun is in store. Don't be fooled by the folks yodeling in the opening scenes. The yodeling, which has nothing to do with this movie, is the silliest thing you'll see in this boring, confusing, muddy mess o' southern stereotypes.

One thing I found handy about this movie rental is that there are several 20 or 30 second shots of a tree blowing in the wind or a slack-jawed neighbor standing in her yard staring at nothing. The director felt really clever and arty inserting these shots (ya know---yeehaw, he's hammerin' inta our skulls how nuthin' much don't ever happen round here in the south), but I found them nice for potty breaks.

Bite me, Junebug!

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