chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Thanks, Post Office!

This is the condition of the package placed on my doorstep Friday:

Exactly what is happening at the post office anyways? Do they stomp on the packages to test the box's strength? Was someone angry? Was this box placed under another package that weighed 200 pounds?

Now and then I get a box like this, and I excuse the appearance of the outter box as long as the product inside was not damaged. Oh, but here's the condition of the goods inside the box:

Should I point out that the little green thing used to be rectangular?

Anyways, the stuff inside the 2nd box was not breakable, so I'm not going to press charges...But I must say, if the lady at the post office wasn't always so mean to me I'd feel more forgiving. She always acts like I'm bothering her with my silly need for stamps and postal services. This package is like another kick in the shins from her.

New United States Post Office slogan: "We throw packages around and sell stamps n' shit, and we don't have to be happy about it."

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