chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Mud Corn

Acorn has been digging up toads all year. That's right, there are toads buried all around our backyard. This is news to me---toads hibernate directly in the ground? I was never taught that in school, but apparently Acorn learned it at Pain-In-The-Butt-Dog-School.

It's amusing to watch her lock onto a spot and dig like a machine until her face is a foot into the ground, and then she barks really high-pitched and excited while she slaps the toad around. It's also amusing to rescue the big fat toad-prize, wash off his mud-coat and let him go into the neighbor's yard. It's NOT so amusing to then wash the filthy Acorn, especially more than once in the same day.

The Corn looks guilty here because she had come into the house with her face and all four paws encased in mud from toad digs FOR THE THIRD TIME this particular evening. It was cute the first time, annoying the second, but by golly I was in bed the third time. I heard her lightweight tap-tap-tapping toes down the hallway at midnight, and as she burrowed under the covers to sleep by my knees I could smell damp earth. Turn on the light: mud. On the sheets, my pajamas, the floor, and of course Acorn is coated...

I'm glad toad-digging season is coming to an end.
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