chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

The Wonders of Felix Rust

A fellow named Felix Rust bought a copy of my "Lonely Sea Monster" book for his son Dash. It's cool enough to have a total stranger many miles away decide to spend his hard-earned dollars on something I made, but Mr. Rust made me 100X happier when he sent this photograph of Dash reading the book and smiling...

Felix Rust keeps a daily photo journal of his son and daughter---there are photos for EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. That's a feat in itself, but these are FANTASTIC pictures! Ok, so Mr. Rust is a professional photographer, but his pictures are magical because he is also most definitely an artist. The photo blog can be seen here:

His kids are so charming that I feel compelled to go buy a couple of my own, most especially if they came in little packets and grew quickly with water like Sea Monkeys to accommodate my impatience...

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