chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Technical Problems

I am trying to answer emails while out of town right now and having lots of problems. This is because I'm using my grandma's computer, which is made out of egg cartons, glue and pipe cleaners---I think it's powered by hamsters in wheels and maybe even a couple D batteries, old biscuits, and prayers.

This computer is a tease. It appears to function, but then dies before it ever actually surrenders any goods. See, it's only capable of one useless task before it freezes up: I can open the email, but if I click to respond...goodbye. I can open a news site, but if I click on an article to read...goodbye. I can move my suicide_letter.doc to the trash bin, but if I then try to click the browser to search for new reasons to live...goodbye.

I have really pushed my luck here by opening the LiveJournal site, logging in, and then clicking A THIRD TIME to write this message in a box. It will take a miraculous fourth click to submit this post. Let's see what happens.
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