chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Beanie Nephew

Hey, I've stolen my nephew's cute picture of himself from MySpace. He's wearing the monster-face beanie that I made him the other day.

I'm a terrible "crafter," so I burned my fingertips 800 times with the glue-gun, but burns are worth it now that I see the hat on his head.

I like this other picture where he has fashioned himself a spiffy suit:

He's fourteen years old, and today I wish I was too.

Oh, but what a crap year that was for me in junior high... Ok, I'll try sixteen. No, screw that. I'm not doing any teenage years over again.


LET'S BE REALLY CLEAR HERE WITH MY WISH---for crap sake, if I've just wasted a real wish that I didn't know was on stand-by I'm gonna wake up mid-puberty with the ugliest glasses ever manufactured, clothes that don't fit, and a paralyzing fear of math! Once again I'll experience the loathing of approaching the gigantic junior high building full of cruel and/or frightened buttheads all trying to prove themselves, beating each other down, gloating in their riches or hiding behind their locker doors to escape humilation... HORROR.

Please don't make it so.
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