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Why are some names always spelled the same? Oh, like "Paul." I'd spell my kid's name "Pawl" just for something new, and furry dog paws would come to mind every time I wrote his name. And I firmly believe the name "Tim" would be better balanced with a silent "b" on the end, as in "limb." If you can throw an extra letter in there without any real commitment to its sound, well, why not?

My husband feels cursed by the common name of "Aaron," which could really only vary by taking out one of the "A's," and that would only make folks pronounce it wrong. Get too far off from there and he becomes a girl (Erin) or a Fairy Queen (Erynne). He also says he wanted to be known by his middle name "Rolfe" as a child just so that he wouldn't be one of so many Aarons in the world. Rolfe is too large of a name for a kid, so I don't know how that would have worked out for him. I can't imagine a kid named Rolfe who isn't sitting on a throne somewhere, wearing a powdered wig...

My mom gave me the middle name "Lyn" because she had to pick something to put between my first and last name, apparently she could only muster up one syllable. I've always called it a "filler" name because it just occupies a required space on many forms but doesn't have any family meaning or a pretty ring to it, nothing. It also makes me sound more southern than I really am, especially if my mom was ever angry at me and would shout out from porch with a cigarette dangling in the corner of her mouth and curlers in her hair, "DEEEEAAAAANNA LYN!!!" ... Ok, my mom doesn't smoke, but she did do this once just to be funny.

My mom might read this and correct me once again. She'll say she thought long and hard whilst making her choice of "Lyn." Tell your story walking, lady! My older sister was allotted THREE syllables for her middle name, and I'll continue to conclude that my mom loves her more.


Nah, I know my mom loves me. I was the ugliest baby on the planet, yet she didn't try to drop me off at the zoo or anything like that. Nope, she embraced me as her own, which makes her a real stand-up gal considering there is no way in hell she gave birth to me. But where I really came from is another story entirely, to be told at a later date...

No offense to the "Lyn's" of the world. Please. Sorry.
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